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Romain Bausch

Romain Bausch is the renowned space executive who oversaw the rise of SES to the world’s largest satellite operator. Based in Luxembourg, SES successfully established a leading position in the European satellite services market in the 1990s, subsequently extending its footprint across the world by consolidating a number of industry-leading companies such as GE Americom, New Skies Satellites, Nordic Satellite AB, and others.

Romain Bausch’s strategy aimed at geographically expanding SES’ markets while diversifying the company’s service offer. Building on a fleet of geostationary satellites the company drove its growth from a regional satellite operator focused on direct-to-home TV broadcasting in Europe, into a video and networks satellite services provider operating on a global level.

2013 SES Satellite Fleet

Bausch also steered the investment in, and acquisition of, O3b Networks, the world’s first medium Earth orbit (MEO) constellation, with its unique capabilities to deliver low-latency broadband connectivity to the most remote and disconnected areas of the world located 50 degrees north and south of the equator. It remains the only commercially successful non-geostationary satellite system providing broadband services to very diverse user groups.

03B Beam Coverage Credit: O3b (satellite) Wikipedia
Satellite Show 2014 – The Big Four. L-R: Romain Bausch of SES, Michel de Rosen of Eutelsat, Dan Goldberg of Telesat, Dave McGlade of Intelsat

During his time with SES, Romain Bausch was inducted into the Satellite Hall of Fame (2013) through SSPI (Space & Satellite Professionals International) and named Satellite Executive of the Year, 2001, by Via Satellite. During his Via Satellite interview, he commented on the many overly ambitious satellite projects he had seen not make it to the finish line and offered some sound business advice: “We should not pursue business based on what is technically possible; rather, we should build a business based on reliable, high-quality and well priced services that the market requires.”

Following his tenure as President and CEO at SES, (1995-2014), Bausch assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as both Chairman and Board member of O3B networks. Mr. Bausch was also the Co-founder, member, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESOA (European Satellite Operators’ Association, now called GSOA, Global Satellite Operators Association).

Romain was Chairman of Luxembourg’s National Council of Public Finance (2019 to 2022) and will continue in this role 2023-2026. He is also a Member of both the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Future Fund and the Board of Directors of Bank Raiffeisen.

He holds a Degree in economics (specialization in business administration) from the University of Nancy, France and an Honorary Doctorate from the Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg.

Photo: Sebastien Goossens |SG9/Maison Moderne archives