In Memoriam, Neil McAleer, Sir Arthur’s only Authorized Biographer

Neil McAleer was a valuable friend to The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation and his passing reminds us that while our imaginations can reach out to the stars and across the millennia, as Sir Arthur’s did, our human existence is not (yet) so infinite! While Sir Arthur’s works of fiction and science have inspired many, including those who have served on the Foundation’s board or otherwise assisted it, it was Neil’s “Visionary, The Odyssey of Sir Arthur C. Clarke”, the only authorized biography of Sir Arthur, which gave us direct insights into how such an intellect could spring from the English countryside and influence the world. Neil McAleer’s passing is a tragedy because we cannot aspire to see him again at one of the Foundation’s events, but we will value his contributions to our understanding of the universe inside Sir Arthur’s brain forever.

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